About Us

Wristline Inc. —— A Dynamic Company Uniting New Tech

with the Minds of the New Generation

Dedicated to nurturing the next generation of innovators, Wristline offers comprehensive learning solutions through its flagship brands, WLKATA® and WOBOSYNC®.

WLKATA® specializes in AI and robotics education, providing interactive, hands-on experiences that inspire and cultivate future tech leaders.

WOBOSYNC™ takes innovation a step further, offering modular DIY kits for building sophisticated robot and smart factory prototypes, fostering creativity and practical problem-solving skills.

The Wristline experience is not confined to the physical products alone. We complement our hardware offerings with a rich library of online resources, tutorials, and community support. This ensures that learners have access to the guidance and information they need to make the most out of their Wristline experience. Our online platform serves as a hub for collaboration and sharing, where students, educators, and tech enthusiasts can exchange ideas, showcase their projects, and learn from each other.

This community aspect is vital in fostering a collaborative spirit in the field of technology education. In addition to serving individual learners and educators, Wristline also collaborates with educational institutions to integrate our products and philosophy into their curriculum.

We understand that the future of education lies in the integration of technology into the learning process, and we are committed to making this a reality. By partnering with schools and universities, we are helping to shape the next generation of engineers, scientists, and tech entrepreneurs. Sustainability and accessibility are also key components of our philosophy.

We strive to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible, reducing the ecological footprint of tech education. Furthermore, we are committed to making our products accessible to a wide range of learners, regardless of their background or economic status. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and excel in the field of technology.

At Wristline, we're committed to empowering a diverse, tech-savvy generation, ready to navigate and shape the rapidly evolving digital landscape.