• Empowering Minds in Tech Innovation
    Pioneering Future Tech Education
  • Crafting Tech Futures
    Shaping Tomorrow's Tech Leaders
  • Our Vision
    Uniting New Tech with the Minds of the New Generation
    Wristline Inc. stands at the intersection of innovation and education, with a vision to fusing cutting-edge technology with tomorrow's visionaries and young minds.

    Our brand, WLKATA® Robotics, embodies this vision, offering a specialized focus on AI, Robotics, and career and technology education with ready-to-use solutions.

    WOBOSYNC, a brand also from Wristline Inc., enables diverse and versatile prototyping options for creative and practical tech projects.

    We are dedicated to empowering a diverse, technologically proficient generation, ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.
  • Our Solution
    Specialized Education Solutions in AI, Robotics, and Technology Careers
    Our solutions are designed to engage and inspire students from diverse backgrounds. By integrating cutting-edge technology and interactive teaching methods, we aim to cultivate a passion for technology and innovation, preparing students for a future where they can thrive in an increasingly digital world.